The unfortunate reality is, people need more individual work before they can attain corporate transformation. Professional development helps contributes to the development and professionalism of your staff and organization. However, most organizations treat workshop days or professional development as something to check off a “must do list”. Companies have great intentions, but finding topics that are relevant and engaging to everyone can be difficult. We have been doing a variety of workshops on leadership and diversity for years and we have decided to narrow our focus to: Leadership strengths, values, ethnicity and immigration.

What is the transformation that occurs at WB2G?

Working better2 gether- helps YOU “be” better with yourself, so that you can “BE” better with OTHERS. Yes- in that order! Have you heard the old adage, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results?” We believe that this is true. “Corporate Training” has some impact, but without individual commitment and accountability organizations cannot expect true lasting “change” and transformation”. That is what makes partnering with us a working better 2 gether different.

Does Working Better 2 gether offer Face to Face Workshops?

We have moved our platform from face to face and re-designed our course offering to e-courses! (We still offer face to face, but on a very limited bases). All our programs now have an individual assessment and coaching incorporated for qualitative and quantifiable data. Because our workshops are now offered in an e-course format, your employees will have training that they can do at a time that works best for them (which saves time and energy of coordinating yet ANOTHER meeting). Your staff will have their own measurement based assessment tool and additional accountability with the individual coaching provided in each of our course offerings. In all our offerings we have created a simple formula so that you can see data on how your team or organization is doing in your professional development goals.


Topics include: Strengths, Talents and Virtues- What makes you Unique, Cultural Competency and Conflict Resolution

At Workingbetter2gether, we deliver online professional development workshops and coaching services to help your organization cultivate deeper transformational learning experiences. When people experience growth personally, their transformation has a ripple effect on the organization. Here are some results: Employees are:

  • More confident in who they are and their understanding of others
  • Better equipped to provide superior customer service
  • Happier which leads to increased productivity and general well being

How do working better 2gether programs work?

ASSESSMENT + E-Course + Individual Coaching (Set goals and accountability)+ Group Facilitation= Greater TRANSFORMATION and professional development for both your staff and organization!