… and we are sticking to it!

Almost twenty years ago an unlikely partnership began in South Korea at a small university in the south. Colette and Jonathan were both teachers and after a short courtship (four months to be exact), they decided to get married. Colette raised in a Jamaican immigrant family in Canada and Jonathan whose family’s roots were Germanic and Irish lived in the Midwest of the U.S and together they have been navigating culture and difference both personally and professionally for a long time.

At working better together, we specialize in working with people and the topic of diversity and inclusion. It is an ongoing learning journey for us and we believe that it is for EVERYONE. None of us have arrived. There is a humility, openness and curiosity that we must posture in order to grow in our personal development journey in regards to working better with others. There have been as many positive REWARDS and STRUGGLES with working with people who are different from us. In the end, we believe that we are BETTER together because of it. Organizations are made up with people who different from us. At working better together we are passionate about exploring cultural difference in regards to our Leadership strengths, values, and ethnicity and immigration. While we realize there are significantly many others of cultural diversity topics, our expertise lies within these subjects.


Colette Campbell is the founder of Working Better2gether, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her work in higher education, including Asia for four years. She is passionate about personal and organizational development and holds degrees in Religious Education, Counseling, Management and Leadership and Human Development. She is a qualified neutral under the Minnesota Supreme Court and received her mediation training at Hamline Law School. Colette assists organizations with workplace conflict resolution and training and as an executive coach she focuses on strengths strategies. Colette can be reached at 651-592-2395 or us@workingbetter2gether.com

Jonathan Stuart specializes in writing and teaching for business and educational purposes. He has experience working in both South Korea and South Africa, Guatemala and in the Twin Cities his clients include the City of Minneapolis, American Public Media, Habitat for Humanity, and the MSP International Airport. Dr. Stuart is also a Fulbright Scholar and offers both workplace mediation and meeting facilitation services. He holds an M.A. in Human Resource Development & Adult Education and a PhD in Organizational Leadership both from the University of Minnesota. He can be reached at 612-998-3128 or stua0042@umn.edu