Teams are made up of individuals.

Without individuals there is NO team. At Working Better2Gether we don’t believe “I” is a dirty word especially in organizational development, it is a MUST.

Want to hear from us occasionally on resources we find useful in helping people and organizations work better together?

What separates us from other Organizational Consulting firms is that our workshops are coupled with personalized assessments and individual coaching allowing for greater growth and profound personal and organizational development.


At working better together we are passionate about exploring cultural differences and feel our expertise lies within topics related to Human Relation Skills including, but not limited to: Communication and Conflict styles, Leadership Strengths, and Race Relations.

Does your team seem less than excited when management says we are going to have a training or workshop day?

Do you want your team to feel excited about professional development?

Customized with a focus on their unique development plan?

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A single workshop in and of itself does not go deep ENOUGH !

Are you looking for a training opportunity that has action and accountability built in?

We offer engaging workshops that are coupled with coaching that help your employees deepen learning, create personalized action plan and goals for future growth.
Is helping your staff achieve their personal best, but meeting them where they are at individually necessary? Yes, but many companies pick a workshop that will meet the average. What if everyone in the workshop had an opportunity to be coached by the facilitator? What would the impact be?What if we told you, that the results for the participants would be both personal and corporate and would result in greater productivity,and better service to the customers your organization serves.Are these values important to your company? If so, then we want to partner with you in your professional development goals.

Working Better2Gether helps YOU “be” better with yourself, so that you can “BE” better with OTHERS. Yep- in that order!